Simple Summer Salad

This salad is the most simple salad to prepare on planet Earth. Most salads are easy to make and assemble but this is is probably the most delicious. I first had it 4 or 5 summers ago while on the Cape with my Aunt and sister. It reminds me of summer in it's shear simplicity and fresh taste. The salad has only 4 ingredients that can be found in any market or store. It is so beautiful and so fresh it's a must on a brunch menu. 


  1. Cut up the watermelon and mangos
  2. Julienne the mint leaves- place the leaves on top of one another, fold the leaves like you would to roll a burrito, finally, cut them into slivers
  3. Sprinkle the julienned mint on the salad
  4. Squeeze the lime over the salad
And voila! You have a beautiful, fresh, and simple summer salad! 

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