European Bliss

Salzburg, Austria

Upon my return from Europe, I have had the ability to reflect on so many things. The number one thing being how lucky I am. I was able to visit three of the most beautiful countries in the world: Austria, Germany, and Italy and lots of cities and towns. Some of those include: Salzburg, Wien, Munich, Prien, Hallstatt, Brannau am Inn, and Venice.

Salzburg, Austria was my home base throughout my travels and as a result became something so near and dear to me. It became a second home. Austria was the most amazing place I had ever been to. The scenery, the people, the lifestyle, the system (education, healthcare, retirement, etc.), the food, the cafes. I can go on for ever. So many times I questioned why can't America be like this?? Italy was just as great. Being able to see a city entirely dependent on water was amazing. The sheer warmth and kindness the people of Austria, Germany, and especially Italy offered up was incredible.

As I write this, I miss these places so greatly. It still feels so surreal that I was halfway around the world. My body is not yet used to the time differences and my soul is not yet used to the experience differences. There is no way I could begin to write about my experiences and give them the full body and life they deserve in one post. So, I will be doing a series of wrap-ups about my experiences in Europe over the upcoming weeks. I'm so excited to share with you all the gems of experiences I've been so blessed to have.

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